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Bidding jobs and more

I bid jobs by the square foot and I have a minimum fee of $60 per visit. When you look at the price and calculate the per hour rate, consider that 1), I use my own supplies (unless you want me to use yours), 2), I have to pay for advertisement, insurance, website, vehicle, supplies, equipment, gas, etc. 3), I have travel time 4) I have to resupply and wash my mops, rags, etc. when I'm home to be ready for next visit, and I am insured. Sometimes, I will have a extra person with me. So our time will be cut in half.

It is not possible to clean everything on every visit. Some things get cleaned every visit; every time, while other things get cleaned in a cycle, but not on every visit. I have clients that leave me a note saying please clean this or that area or thing; or that something out of the norm needs cleaned. Usually this is not an issue, but it might take more time that I have not figured on, or special cleaning products. The most important thing is to ask a day or so before I am scheduled; ahead of time.

I will use products that you are comfortable with and won't use what you are not; you just have to let me know if you have special needs.

To get the most cleaning for your hard earned dollar, you can do a few things: 1) Don't leave messes... pick up your stuff, your clothes; if I'm doing dishes, place them in the sink to soak. If you want me to change the sheets, please have a clean set ready, or at least throw yours into the washer and have them ready to be dried. If I have to strip the bed, wash and dry before changing, this will cut down on the time I have to clean.

It is better that the client not be home at the time I am there for several reasons; one being safety - floors are slippery when wet and its frustrating when someone walks on the floor I just cleaned and you certainly would rather me be working than talking. Also, if I have to work around you, this will cut into the time I have allowed and result in the home not being as clean as it could have been.

I want you to check behind me to see how I am doing, and if I miss something, let me know, I am only human and accept helpful criticism. If I am doing a good job, let me know that, too. And, if I am doing a good job let someone else know that might need a good house cleaner.

Just a little blog I wanted to start writing and help people understand what a "house cleaner" means to me

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