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Adulting Before We Clean

I've been wanting to write this post since this summer.

A new client sent me a text staying, "I hate to sound dumb but I've never had someone clean my house. I've picked up all the crap I should pick up as an adult. Do I need to do anything more"?

Just her texting me asking this question made me realize that many people do not know what needs to be done to get ready for your house cleaner. Try to use his/her name once in awhile.

My question back was leave out fresh sheets, if you want your bed to be made or put them in the washer and we will put them in the dryer when we arrive.

My next question was are there any special requests. Some people have concerns with soap scum, a pet, where to put a key and how to leave a payment.

All of these concerns I deal with on a daily basis. Not too much we haven't seen at Clean Masters. We'd rather know ahead of time what to expect than the unexpected though it does happen.

One of my many favorite sayings is, "It does not hurt to ask".

How many want of you want to know what she thought when she came home?

Wait for it.... Wait for it...

Her text was after we left and she could turn her alarm back on, "How did everything go? Please tell me it wasn't the worst house you have ever done ;(.". Lord her house wasn't even as close as the worst house we've ever seen.

When she came home she texted me and said, "I'd like to go monthly. How much would that be"?

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