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Would you leave your house keys with your house cleaner, a pest control company or carpet cleaning c

I belong to a residential cleaning group and this came up in discussion. I started thinking about it and yes, I personally would leave my key or door code for someone doing work inside my house if I wasn’t there and I knew they were insured and had great reviews.

I don’t have time to sit and wait for even the cable guy when they give you a 4 hour window.

People leave their gates unlocked for a lawn or pool service right?

After looking through all my regular cleaning jobs I’ve had over 3 years, I’d say 60% of the people I didn’t met right away. Some I still have not met. They are on a schedule, leave a key or code somewhere and a check or cash. I have many credit cards on file I charge every week for service. It is very nice to be able to adjust my daily schedule to be able come in their home when I have other houses for the day.

Having people around when I/we clean can sometimes cause issues and I’m very grateful for the trust my clients give me.

One I really don’t mind being talked to. It does cuts down on my productivity and puts me behind for the day. Though I like getting to know my clients a couple minutes of chatting before and when we leave is great. I am a people person.

Here’s some advice: it’s always best if your home, to stay in your own area while your house cleaner is there so you don’t walk into the area they just cleaned. We can’t watch and make sure you don’t trip and fall on wet floors.

And there’s nothing like cleaning up a kitchen and then having someone go back in there and cook or walk through your wet floors. I do not go back in and fix this either FYI.

I do carry insurance and am licensed. I am the main person in your home as the owner of Clean Masters. I do at times have 2-3 people with me. We are growing extremely fast and my sister will eventually head up a team and I the other team.

If I have extra time you as my client will notice I/we do more than most house cleaners you’ll ever have. One we do clean off the front porch/entry way and wipe down outside patio, if it’s not raining or super hot. Two we may take on a organization project such as organize your pantry or spice drawer. We do not ever go into your closets unless to vacuum and mop or clothes drawers unless you gave us laundry to do for you. That’s what can expect from Clean Masters.

So the big question is how many feel comfortable leaving your keys for a reputable company?

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