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Yes, we love pets! In memory of ROXY

It's been awhile since I've blogged, so here comes a story about pets.

We just love them! While most house cleaners will not take the time with your pets, we do! We have pets of our own ~ both big and small. Here's some tips from us about how we can get to know your pet.

If your pet is not use to strangers and will get use to us after meeting us, let's set up a time for us to stop by. We can then go over details of your home and any care your pet will need while we are there. We've met people with their pets the day we start to clean and it's always working out great for us.

We do have to charge extra for any services related to cleaning up after a pet. We do change cat liter pans and rinse them out. We will let your pet out when we arrive or before we leave. If your pet is in a crate we will work out your pet. Any pet that is not good with us we do ask that you put them in another room that we aren't cleaning or take them to doggie daycare for the day. We do not clean up poop! That's gross.

Think of it this way, if you didn't own a pet and were allergic to pets would you want us to bring our vacuum that we just cleaned a cat or dog house with? Probably not!

We take special care by not using vacuum, mops or rags that get transferred from one house to the next. Which means we throw out bags that we used in your house, if you have a pet.

Here are some cute photos we've taken and as time goes by we will take more and upload them.

This post is in memory of Roxy. We've known her for over year and she passed away last year. She was so sweet to watch us leave that we sometimes would have to go back inside to give her a little hug. RIP ROXY!

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