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What are you most interested in... the method or the results?

After cleaning for most of my life both for myself, others and a business, I've found myself wanting to ask this question when there's conflict with a customer.

I've gotten the whole, "But you've only been here 1.5 hours when you are usually here 4 hours". I've brought 2 or 3 people with me today, of course it won't take us as long as me by myself. "The last company I had didn't use that product". The products I use are very familiar to me and work better because I have used them for many years. I don't mind trying out yours just realize you won't get the same results since I do not use your products on a regular basis.

What are YOU most interested in the method to do the job you asked me to do or the results when I say I'm finished? I'd like to know this for the next time I do things for you.

With Clean Masters we get the job done! We back up our results! WE will let you know if we find the conditions of your home to be less than we expected. EXAMPLES: extra dirty bathroom, extra dirty kitchen, see attached photos). If we find these conditions we will handle them on a one on one basis.

We will let you know you need more than the service you requested right away.

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